Dimmable Light Bulbs: What You Need To Know Before You Buy Them

If your thinking about installing dimmable CFL lightbulbs in your home then you have come to the right place. On this blog you will find lots of useful information that will save you hours of Googling and ensure you choose the best bulbs.

In this post I want to point out a few interesting facts about compact CFLs that most people are unaware of – that is until after they have done a few hours of research or even bought the product.

Firstly, dimmable CFLs are much more expensive than non-dimmable equivalents. Expect to pay 4-5 times more for a dimmable bulb. The reason for this is two fold. Firstly dimmable bulbs need some circuitry inside to control the dimming. This prevents the common flickering that normal CFL bulbs experience when dimmed. Secondly, dimmable CFL bulbs are in much less demand than other bulbs. A lot of stores still don’t stock dimmable CFL bulbs since they just don’t sell very many. Therefore they can’t enjoy the economies of scale that more common bulbs enjoy.

That said, I say they are still well worth it as they will save $10 – $30 per year if used regularly, not to mention they can give a room a gorgeously romantic feel.

Another thing to rememeber when buying a dimmable CFL is to check the dimming range. For example, a bulb may be specified as dimming from 30%-100% and another from 20%-100%. All else being equal, the second bulb will give more dimming than the first one. You may be wondering why no cfl bulb can dim right down to 0%. The reason is that all cfl bulbs work by creating an electrical arc which must be maintained in order to produce light. The arc will stop altogether if the power is too low.

This seems like a limitation, and it can be in some inferior bulbs. However the best dimmable bulbs are able to create a really low power arc that gives off hardly any light at all – making virtually indistinguishable from a tungsten.

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Lighting Controls-HGTV Pro

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Dimmable Fluorescent Fixtures

Take a look at a dimmable fluorescent pendant from Sonneman

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ACT ON CO2: Lynne Collinson – Energy saving lightbulbs

direct.gov.uk/actonc02/peoplepower – As part of the people power campaign, one ambassador shows us how she managed to find the right energy saving equivalents for her kitchen spotlights. Saving energy and saving money.

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Redneck Fluorescent Dimmer

Like the title says, it’s a redneck fluorescent dimmer using a fan!


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Dimmable LED Light Bulbs by aGreenSupply_com

Green Supply Dimmable LED Light Bulbs can be dimmed down to less than 10% of maximum light output without flicker, unlike dimmable CFLs that generate noticeable flicker at different dimming levels. Works with most dimmers. Green Supply Dimmable LED Light Bulbs provide more energy savings by allowing you to adjust the light output with the lowest dimming level consuming less than 1 watt of power.

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http://www.agreensupply.com/categories/LED-Light-Bulbs/Dimmable-LED/ – created at http://animoto.com

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TCP’s TruDim Technology

TCP’s TruDim™ CFLs are available in 16 watt R30, in a variety of color temperatures, from soft white 2700-Kelvin to Daylight 6500-Kelvin. 14watt R20 and other items are planned and will be announced when ready.

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Liquidleds LED bulbs – The Answer to Energy Efficient Lighting, POISON FREE and 100% GREEN!

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Quality light generates quality life. LiquidLed bulbs are designed and manufactured on energy efficient parameters that unlike other bulbs are poison free and 100% green. Ecologically compatible, these bulbs have controllable light which modulates richly to lay less stress on your sight. It makes your home and office bright- just the way you like it. It emulates a warm-up free instant glow. LiquidLed technology is taking over the incandescent and CFL bulb technology by storm, all across Australia.

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